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Corset Sizes Demystified-How to Figure out your Corset Size.
You ever wonder what these strange terms mean? What is a size 42 Corset?, What does that mean anyways?

The Information I am providing you here pertains to these most common brands of corsets. Coquette, Dreamgirl, Elegant Moments, Empire Intimates, Intimate Attitudes, Leg Avenue, Shirley of Hollywood, and possibly a few more. If you buy a professional tight lace corset then they will provide you with more information about their own size charts ( you will know it is a professional corset by the price being over $100).

The numbers refer to your maximum bust size. I personally think the most important size is the waist size for a corset. The standard corset is 6 inches smaller in the waist than the maximum bust size.

First of all, lets go back to the maximum bust size. This number has nothing to do with your bra size. To get your maximum bust size take a tape measure, and wrap a tape measure around the fullest part the bust (you should be wearing a bra) parallel to the floor and straight – do not indent the tape between the breasts.
Tip – If you do not have a tape measure you can use a non stretchy string and compare it to a standard ruler you may have around the house.

Note: Corsets are sized with a 2 to 4 inch gap for lacing in the back. If you want a smaller gap then you should get a size larger.

Size       Waist   Bust
Small        26″       32″
Medium   28″      34″
Large       30″      36″
1X             32″      38″
2X             34″      40″
3X             36″      42″
4X             38″      44″
5X             40″      46″
6X             42″      48″
7X             44″      50″
8X             46″      52″


Empire Intimates 6909x Super Plus Size Corset. 1x 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x 7x.

First of all, I want to say that the quality of Empire Intimates corsets are some of the best. I had some of a different style in my lingerie shop and they where just beautiful. Corsets from Empire Intimates are hard to find, lets just say that lingerie retailers do not like to stock them, because the pictures provided are not a selling point, and Empire tries to target wedding stores. So if you are thinking about getting one I would not wait to long. This strapless Corset comes in Black, White, Purple, Gold, Pink, Royal Blue, Red, and Turquoise. This Corset comes in all sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-large, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x (32-52)


The store they are currently being sold at is primarily a wholesale store but the are selling these corsets to the public at 1 piece at a time. and all sizes are $59.99 plus they have coupon deal of 25% off all orders in February. Perfect time to pick on of these up. The store is Lingerie mart, and here is the link.

Empire Intimates 6909 Strapless Corset

Also my lingerie store has a few Strapped Empire Corsets in pink left if you are interested

Empire Corsets at Ladystrange Lingerie

01 14th, 2009


X9503 Gothic Skull Plus size Satin Corset Top
This Corset top is from Shirley of Hollywood and is Part of the Intimate attitudes line. This top is a little offbeat to the Shirley brand, as they have always stuck to the glamour theme but this is supposed to be a solution to draw in younger customers. Although I am 40 and I want one, lol.

Here are some finer details of this corset top

The garter straps have a cute chain detail but they are removable encase you want to wear it to the club.

The skull and crossbones are screen printed with studs, and there is a little tiny contrasting cross embroidered at the v line cleavage area.

The corset top laces up the sides and has an adjustable closure in the back

The over all corset is black satin with pink or red plaid trim

Available in sizes 38-44 Pink Trim or Red Trim

Read on if you want to know where to buy this corset top

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x25907 Plus Size Satin Corset

Author: Ladystrange
01 13th, 2009


The x25907 Plus Size Satin Corset is from Shirley of Hollywood in the Intimate Attitudes collection. The satin corset is strapless and lightly boned with a lace up back. I like the way the contrast boning in black gives the hour glass illusion. The garter straps are removable making it great for the bedroom or a club corset top. G-string thong panty included. plus sizes 38-44. Colors Black, Hot Pink /Black, Red / Black.


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x8997 Intimate Attitudes Plus Size Satin Strapless Corset.

This Classic  Satin floral jacquard corset is from Shirley of Hollywood Intimate Attitudes line. The garters are removable and comes with a g-string panty. Available in sizes 38-44. Colors Royal /Black, Pink / Black, Coral/ Black, Violet / Black, and Ivory /Black


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X29057 Intimate Attitudes Plus size Satin Butterfly Corset

X29057 is Manufactured by Shirley of Hollywood and is part of the Intimate Attitudes Line. This is a Satin boned corset with butterfly tapestry. Removable garter straps. Also comes with a matching g-string panty.

Colors: Black, Red, Lilac

Sizes 38-44

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01 12th, 2009


x9378 Intimate Attitudes Asian Satin Plus Size Corset.

This sexy satin corset is manufactured by Shirley of Hollywood and is a part of the Intimate attitudes line. This satin plus size strapless corset has a side zipper for convenience, and a lace up back closure. Garter straps are removable and comes with a matching G-string Panty. Sizes 38-44 Colors: Turquoise, Red, Black, Navy


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01 12th, 2009


X929030 Intimate Attitudes Plus size Corset
xx929030 Is Manufactured By Shirley of Hollywood. And a Part of the Intimate Attitudes line. With all Shirley of Hollywood corsets the Thong panty is included and the garter straps are removable (for outer wear). Available in sizes 38- 50 in Colors Black / Red or Ivory/ Red. Most times I prefer Black but actually this Ivory corset is pretty flexible. Perfect for Valentines Day, Anniversaries, Bridal, or everyday. Originally called Candy Cane from the Christmas collections.


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